So you’ve been diagnosed with Breast Cancer… What Now?

Happy Wednesday beautiful ladies, I am sending you all virtual hugs. So I was supposed to blog weekly when my previous website was set up back in November 2017 but the chemotherapy and the effect it had on my body as well as my life, took a big toll. Most of my blogging of sorts is on my Facebook page, which back then was all I could manage. I will recreate some of those posts and pictures here.

So let’s kick this off, how many of you ladies are 40 years and older? Have you began scheduling your mammograms annually? For those of you under 40 take note. If you say your answer is yes then Excellent, Keep up the good work!

For all of you who answered no what’s your excuse for not going to get your mammogram and all your health exams? You need to schedule all of your routine health appointments from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and everything in between. Pap smear’s, mammograms, dental and eye exams are vital and should be FIRST on your calendar NOT LAST! What tends to come first is taking care of everyone else and you can’t do that before you take care of yourself and your needs.

If you are over 40 and have not scheduled your mammogram STOP PLAYING and start ACTING on pushing forward to a better you. I want you to live your best life and the best way to do that is to be and to stay healthy. You can have everything in the world but none of it means a thing unless you have your health.

Let’s talk about excuses I’ve made myself…

Excuse # 1

I am working on a really intense project for a new client and I don’t have time. I’ll schedule my mammogram appointment when I have time.

My Answer:

You will never have enough time. You will keep pushing out the appointment and boom you have a health scare or a health issue, and then all of a sudden you magically have time. Better safe than sorry.

Excuse # 2

I am too busy making appointments for my children and or husband/ boyfriend/ significant other. I’ll get to my appointments when I have time.

My Answer:

No, you won’t. Why can’t your appointments be first and schedule everyone else’s after yours? I used to schedule everyone else’s appointments and kept rescheduling mine. I did this three times and luckily I have a wonderful conscious doctor. When I finally went to my doctors appointment, Doctor Juliet said, “Do you know that you’ve cancelled 3 appointments with me, you’ve never done that.” She also mentioned that she knows I am concerned about my husband’s and mothers health and care giving duties for my mom, but I have to stay on top of my health and make sure I am coming in for my appointments. I am so blessed to have a caring doctor who noticed. Juliet has been my doctor for about 8 years and it is a true partnership. And even when I moved from Brooklyn to New Rochelle, and then to New Jersey… It’s a long story for another time;)

Excuse # 3

I’m self employed and don’t have any insurance or I’m under insured. I can’t afford to get a mammogram, don’t have money, or in between insurance’s.

My Answer:

All of those excuses are not good enough for you not to get insurance. There are all sorts of resources out there to help and I’ve used some of them myself. I didn’t always have great insurance but I currently do and for that I am truly blessed. Here are a few resources out there:


Until next time, Beautiful Ladies

Love and Hugs to You! Feel free to reach out to me at The blog will be updated weekly.

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