Debra’s Top Tips for Self Care and Health Crisis Management

– Put your Self Care at the Top of your List NOT the bottom

– Schedule your Doctor’s Visits Ahead of Time

– Create a Health Crisis and Emergency Plan

– Ladies over 40 – Get your mammograms and do your Monthly Breast Checks

– Set Boundaries and Learn to Say No

– Make an effort to eat HEALTHY

Maintain a Healthy Weight, Exercise regularly, and get 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night

 Take a Break from your Digital Devices (start with an hour, a day, a weekend once a month, etc.

– Plan your time wisely

– Set aside 10-15 Minutes for yourself daily and Practice Mindfulness

– Take breaks when working and Plan time for yourself

– Remove yourself from stress, negativity, and distractions – People AND Things

Write To Do Lists to incorporate your Goals and Dreams then put on your Calendar